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Stack gas analyzers help in oxygen determination and much more

There are several gases that engulf us, and the atmosphere contains these in differing concentrations. While we need some of these gases for survival, they may pose several risks once their concentration exceeds a certain threshold. In most cases, the higher levels of many of these gases may not be good for the environment although the effect may not always be toxic. These are stack gases which are gases leaving boilers, furnaces, and fireplaces (steam generators) post combustion.
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Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer: How They Work and Finding One for Your Company

In the industrial business, some companies require O2 Analyzer which provides accurate measurement of the excess oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from any combustion process. Optimal combustion efficiency is achieved by maintaining the ideal level of oxygen in the flue gases coming from these processes and lowest emission levels of CO, CO2 and NO× are achieved. Designed to integrate with processes and conditions. Bhoomi’s oxygen analyzer is designed with customer ease-of-use in mind. With no moving parts or sampling apparatus the analyzer is extremely reliable with oxygen probe that requires no maintenance.
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Utilize Excellent Sensitivity with a SOx NOx Analyzer

Where analysis for NOx and SOx are concerned you need a quality SOx NOx analyzer. Such analyzers are used to measure high concentrations of total oxides of sulfuric (SOx) and nitrogen (NOx). You can expect excellent reliability and sensitivity when using an analyzer with a gas sample accumulator and a single measurement channel that can provide precise measurements. Some units may also provide advanced signal processing for continuous measurement of both oxides. This helps determine those levels of concentration so that they can be corrected for fluctuation pertaining to flow rate, gas pressure, gas temperature and the gases converter efficiency.

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