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Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Continuous Emission
Monitoring Systems

The Agasthya Series BI 7000 Flexi is designed to meet the needs of various industrial processes with combination..

Head Space Gas Analyzer

Head Space

The Headspace portable gas analyser is specifically designed to test for the presence of oxygen in food packaged..

Land Fill Gas Analyzer

Land Fill Gas

The Agasthya series BI 7100 land fill gas analyzer has been designed for monitoring recovered and processed gases..

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

Portable Flue Gas

The BI 2013 Series Bhoomi 200 measures oxygen, flue gas and ambient temperature. The temperature sensor is...

Purity Oxygen Analyzer

Purity Oxygen

The BI 2013 Series Bhoomi 400 measures oxygen purity in gas stream using Electrochrmical Technology...

Producer Gas Analyzer

Producer Gas

The Agasthya series BI 7220 Producer Gas Analyzer System has been designed considering the flexibility required..

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

Zirconia Oxygen

BI-2000 is an in-situ oxygen analyzer. This instrument is specially designed for oxygen measurement in combustion..

AQMS - Air Quality Monitoring System

Ambient Air Quality

BI 9000 AQMS Air Quality Station delivers accurate measurement data in real time for a wide range of air quality..

Trace Oxygen Analyzer

Trace Oxygen

The BI 2013 Series Bhoomi 300 measures traces of oxygen gas stream using Fuel oxygen sensor. Ultra low drift..

Update News

The new BI 7000 Classic Analyzer can analyze upto 8 gases. This instrument is being widely used in incinerators and boilers to detect concentration of toxic gases in combustion exhaust gas